Mike O’Dea is an Irish-American screenwriter, director and explosive actor. His real life experiences have hardened his resolve and the result is an ice cold writing style with a spark of warmth.

In 2004, O’Dea began writing the Irish mob screenplay ‘Townies’ loosely based on bits and pieces of his own life mixed up in organized crime in Boston, Massachusetts. After years of struggling to finance the film, Harvey Keitel (Mean Streets, Resevoir Dogs), gave O’Dea the advice to shoot the movie on his own with the help of volunteers and other talented people. Two months into production O’Dea was surrounded by State Police after firing prop guns in public without proper permits. The incident sparked national media attention on CNN. Unable to complete production without funding, O’Dea edited the footage he had and released Townies on Youtube as a 42 minute short film.

For the next 2 years, O’Dea wrote his next Irish mob screenplay ‘Code of Silence.’ In 2010, a studio offered to finance and distribute the film, but only if O’Dea was willing to step down as director. O’Dea rejected the deal and began working on a low budget crime thriller ‘Ghostman’ to prove himself as a director. Ghostman was completed after 2 years of filming on a $300 camcorder with O’Dea in the starring role. Although O’Dea had no intentions to promote an inferior product, he considered the production a great learning experience and released the DVD on Amazon.

O’Dea has been featured in Movie Maker Magazine, The Boston Globe, The Herald, The Irish Herald, Irish Times, Irish World News, among other local, national and international publications, broadcast radio and televisions networks for his work. He worked for three years under the mentorship of Hollywood producer Michael Z. Gordon (Narc, Machete) before returning to his company Shamrock Films in 2011 to produce his own movies.

In 2013, O’Dea was cast in a lead role in the Equalizer alongside Denzel Washington. He was praised highly for his dynamic onscreen presence in the role, which included a fight scene with Washington.

In 2014, O’Dea wrote ‘No Signs of Injury’ about a veteran struggling to overcome PTSD with the help of a prostitute and a court ordered therapist. He also penned the TV pilot script ‘Sunset Mafia’ and began development of the biopic screenplay ‘Cagney’ about the late song-and-dance man James Cagney.

O’Dea has multiple projects in various stages of development, but he intends for Sunset Mafia to be his next production, followed by No Signs of Injury with Lindsay Lohan intended for the co-starring role.

O’Dea’s long-term goals are to be an Oscar nominated screenwriter and recognized as one of the most talented triple-threat directors in Hollywood.

Mike O’dea lives in Los Angeles.

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